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Maximize Your Time On The Court

Trans Texas Tennis Ltd. in Houston knows that proper tennis court lighting, accessories, and equipment make all the difference for lovers of the game. We are committed to offering only the best when it comes to all your court construction needs.

Tennis Accessories & Equipment

A court is not complete without the right equipment. Trans Texas Tennis, Ltd. helps you select and install all the accessories and equipment you need to turn your tennis court into a great facility. Whether your court is located at a private residence, district park, tennis club, or a varsity collegiate facility, we offer high-quality products to fit every budget and need. Accessories and equipment from Trans Texas Tennis, Ltd. help you enhance the playability, safety, and appearance of your facility. Our quality equipment includes:

Nets | Posts with Internal Wind Gears | Windscreen | Practice Walls | Benches | Water Coolers | Waste Receptacles | Divider Netting | Backdrop Curtains | Indoor Court Padding | Umpire Chairs | Score Cards | Court Numbers | Court Maintenance Equipment

Tennis Court Lighting

Uncomfortable temperatures or lack of light can drastically reduce the amount of time you get out on the court. Installing a lighting system gives you the benefit of extending your court time. There are many ways to light outdoor courts, from new construction projects to renovations.  Our experience has led us to offer only those systems that are player-friendly, unobtrusive to neighbors, easy to maintain, and cost-efficient for owners. Our systems include:

Photometric Designs | Low-Level Systems with Mounting Heights of 22" or less | Sharp Cutoffs | Minimal Light Pollution | 1,000 watt Metal Halide Lamps | Multiple Color Choices | LED Lighting Systems | Natural-Looking Light | Minimal Site Disturbance