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Tennis Court Construction

Trans Texas Tennis is known for quality tennis court maintenance, installation, and construction. Contact us to learn all about our tennis court services, from new construction  & re-construction to surfacing and lighting.

Design Consultation

A tennis court installation project must be designed properly for it to succeed. We have decades of experience offering design consultations for the projects we construct, reconstruct, and resurface.  As designer-builder for many projects, we provide engineered drawings for the owner and governing authorities.  As sub-contractor on other projects, we provide shop drawings and specifications for architects, engineers, and general contractors.


Many owners are faced with hard decisions whether to rebuild or resurface older tennis courts that were poorly designed or constructed. Resurfacing courts with structural and drainage problems merely by filling cracks and trying to level birdbaths is only a temporary fix and does not address the real issues. On the other hand, completely demolishing the courts and starting from scratch is very expensive and may not be necessary.

We have pioneered and perfected a method of reconstruction utilizing a post-tension concrete overlay system. Our system eliminates the need to experiment with elastomeric or rubberized crack fillers, epoxy injections, slip sheets, and fiberglass or geotextile overlays. This method of reconstruction offers many unique advantages, including:

Elimination of Removal, Loading, Hauling, and Disposing of Existing | Asphalt or Concrete | Correction of Slope Deficiencies | Minimization of Cracking | Creation of Long-Lasting Base for Surfacing | Incorporation of Existing Fence | Reduction in Disturbance of Existing Site

New Construction

One of the most challenging decisions an owner will make is to determine the correct way to build a new tennis court. Trans Texas Tennis utilizes the post-tension concrete method of new court construction. Proven over the last fifty years as the only way to deliver a tennis court foundation free of structural cracks, post-tension concrete can be used in virtually any site situation and climate for a trouble-free court system. Post-tension concrete courts have many innovative features, including:

Superior Crack Control | Active & Positive Reinforcement | A Sound Base for Surfacing | Fence Posts Incorporated into Slab | Excellent Planarity & Slope Control | Metal Keyways Between Courts | No Unsightly Control or Expansion Joints